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Precision Foam Seed Meter – Easy Setup, Outstanding Results

Unlocking Your Soil's Potential with 5.5" Row Spacing

Seed Metering

Discover planting perfection with our state-of-the-art foam seed meter. Effortlessly adjust for different seeds using the variable speed transmission—no tools needed. From bin-run grain to tough soil, experience hassle-free precision planting like never before.

Field Operations

Adjust coulter depth easily on main cylinders. Convenient seed depth control on the press wheel's. Stay informed with the seed level gauge. Simplify planting for unmatched precision.


Road Tranport

With the Esch 5612 drill, transportation between different fields is a breeze. This drill comes with side transport features, which makes it easy to maneuver on country roads. Its foldable design makes it even easier to transport while also providing more space on your truck or trailer.


With 5.5" spacing this drill produces stands that yield.

With planting widths of 3' to 12' we have you covered 


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