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Plant up to 8 m.p.h.

High speed Notill Drill By Esch

Seed Metering


Seed Metering is done via a precision foam seed meter.

With a variable speed transmission

it is easy to adjust for different seeds.

No tools required !

Works well with bin run grain, no problem with dirt.

Field Operations


Easy field operation only requires two hydraulic remotes. Easy depth control for the coulters on the main cylinders. Easy seed depth control right on the back of the press wheel. Seed level gauge for easy viewing of seed level during operation.


Road Tranport

The Esch 5512 drill is made for easy Road Transport. With side transport it is very versatile on Country Roads. Drill can be folded for transport without leaving the cab.


With 5.5" spacing this drill produces stands that yield.

Also surface till from the coulters produces a nice finished field.

With planting widths of 3' to 12' we have you covered 


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